Being half-Japanese and half-American, I have split much of my life living between the two countries, and my experience with artistic and cultural differences has influenced my perspective and approach to photography. I have been fortunate to do a lot of world travel, drawing energy off of diverse environments and shooting a variety of subjects, such as cityscapes, urban scenes and candid street photography. I particularly enjoy discovering overlooked details of structural/architectural design, natural beauty and urban decay, and this pursuit continues to inspire my creative growth.

As a digital photographer, I believe the strongest images come from those who work to improve their ability in all of the following areas:

1) Discovery: Pushing yourself into diverse environments, having a "good eye" and maximizing your chances to get "lucky", which can be defined as preparation meeting the moment of opportunity (always carry your camera)

2) Vision: Being able to recognize and visualize the artistic potential in a scene before snapping the photo or upon viewing the raw image later, and seeing what others may take for granted

3) Technique: Knowing how to work with your gear in diverse situations to capture a solid, raw image with the right focus, light, depth and perspective

4) Execution: Having the skills and knowledge to fully realize your artistic vision using post-processing software ("digital darkroom"), and having the patience and work ethic to get every detail right

In the end, I hope you will enjoy the result as much as I enjoy the process. 

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